Ivy Fountain #07124-029

Ivy Fountain #07124-029 F.C.I. P.O. BOX 5000 GREENVILLE, IL. 62246

Release Date: 07/24/2021

Being born and raised on the south side of Chicago, as I look back was a very dark and
long time ago, but seems even longer than it really is.

I grew up a bad boy and grew into an even worst man. As I look back on my young life I see now jail was not an enemy to me, it was a friend. It is where I graduated and got my G.E.D., Literary Achievements, and Barbering skills.

Little did I know at the time {jail} kept me from the streets that would have only provided more malice and grief to others and myself considering my way of thinking at the time.

Always being the lover of family, I turned in the streets to start a family of my own soon after a short stretch in the state penitentiary. Family life was good, but I found myself missing the streets, but this time I wasn’t hustling the streets, the streets was hustling me.
Falling victim to drugs, a short time later was bound to federal prison for 30 years of which I’ve done 21. Time has brought about a drastic change combined with all other experiences, I would describe myself as a new person from the inside out.

I feel that I am now ready to positively contribute the rest of my time to a relationship that’s lasting and meaningful. I do like to write, so corresponding with someone with similar traits as myself would bring about the very best of friendship possible.
I do consider myself to be:
Open Minded
High Spirited
Having a since of humor.
I do want to thank you for writing to me, I will get back to you ASAP.
All letters will be answered.
Name: Ivy N. Fountain
D.O.B. 12-18-58
WT. 215 lbs.
HT. 6′-2′,

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