Kenneth Parker #03221-122

Kenneth Parker 03221-122 USP Box 300 Canaan, PA 18472

Release Date: 03/30/2022

I’m a down to earth guy. I do like to read bools. I’m into sports. Being form Philly, I love my home teams!
My taste in music varies. I like different types of music. I’m caring. I consider myself intelligent , smart, and fun loving. I like humor and enjoy a good laugh. I have a good heart. I have a big heart and try to find the good in people, however I’m far from naive. I’m loyal and have integrity. I’m looking for the same in return. I’d like to meet someone I can build and grow with. Some are God fearing and versatile who enjoys doing different things in life. I’ve done some traveling. I’ve visited six different countries, so it’s safe to say I enjoy traveling and seeing new cultures. I like to learn new things and share what i learned. I respect those who say what they mean and mean what they say, because your word means everything. I think one of the woman’s most attractive features is her smile. I’d like to be one of the reason that smile shows up. I’m looking for a special friend. Someone who will be there for me like I’ll be there for them. Looking for a strong, funny, intelligent, sexy, witty, caring individual. I’m genuine and will give that in return. I believe in God, but I’m no holy roller. I’m a man striving to be a better man each day, some motivation would be helpful. I’ll keep you motivated in return…..but first we got to meet, talk and get toknow each other.



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