Pierre Woods #23912-076

Pierre Woods 23912-076 P.O.Box 300 Waymart, PA 18472

Release Date: 03/12/2017

It’s a pleasure to meet you…I;d like to describe myself as an intellectual person who’s open minded, outgoing,
sincere, ambitious, down to earth and fun.

I enjoy customizing cars, drawing, cooking, racing, and a variety of music and movies, dancing, bicycling, working out and swimming. I like to feed my brain small business info, technology and current events. I’m currently locked up but, decisions whether good or bad offer me the opportunity to learn from them and enhance my perceptions, but rarely do they define who I am.

People from all walks of life are incarcerated everyday and I just so happen to be one of those people…I just hope you won’t be one of those people that let my situation define me…

I’m interested in meeting someone who’s positive and capable of assisting me in my quest for a better and brighter future. Your time and support will go a long way in helping me overcome the challenges I face now and as I transition towards freedom. I’m sure I can and will be a a significant benefit to anything our relationship friendship has to gain or offer

Every journey begins with the first step…so if you’re adventurous, secure, genuine, compassionate, open-minded and fun to be around, love life and laughter….then let’s turn these mutual traits into a lasting friendship….love is frienship set on fire!!!!

Hometown: Tennessee Release: 9/12/16

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