Kenn Crause #13155-085

Kenn Crause

Release Date: 07/27/2021

CHARGE: Possession with intent RELEASE: 7/27/21 EYES: Hazel HAIR: Brown HOMETOWN: Portland, OR

HEIGHT: 5’6″ WEIGHT: 183 lbs.

I’m short, sweet and ready to write. I’m not bad looking, if I should say so myself. I’m honest, open, easy going, with lots to say and no-one to listen. I’m looking for someone with similar qualities, who’s willing to start a friendship that’s honest and true. I’m a christian with deep spiritual beliefs and principles. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, campfires, the forest and walking in the rain. I’m a very spontaneous high energy person who’s always up for a good road trip…(WANNA GO FOR A RIDE)

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