Tony Thomas #05891-007

Tony Thomas

Release Date: LIFE

Can I be your ”     ”

I know this sounds a but strange for the moment and in due time it will all make sense.
I left a blank space for you to fill out on your own simply because I truly believe in my heart that we could become the best of  ”    ”  or ”   “.

Hi, what’s your name? Everybody has a certain demand when it comes to relationships and I think that it’s important just as well fair that you make these demands KNOWN. I’ve been through my fair share of experiences dealing with betrayal and dishonesty and here I am yet again open for a relationship. I come from Washington, D.C. and I was raised in a household of all women. I’m blessed to be able to share with you some of the values I’ve embraced coming up as a child. Even until this very day these same exact values are strong in my life.I was taught to respect myself as well as other people. I was taught to respect my elders at all times!! I was taught to respect “ALL” women as if they were my mom, grandma, auntie or my sister. I didn’t understand these statements at first, but in the long run they paid off. I’ve never had a problem with a woman.

I have my very first parole hearing scheduled on my birthday; 10/31/2017. I look completely forward to this hearing and possibly earning a favorable decision to go home. Since my incarceration, I’ve taken advantage of the vast opportunities that prison had to offer me to become a better individual, as well as a better man. I’ve earned my G.E.D. since my incarceration and I’m also the beneficiary of several marketable skills that with time and patience will help me generate my own money. I have experience in basic real-estate, retail, fashion design and barbering. I’ve said enough about myself to probably bore you to death. Let me say this, I really don’t know what to expect in your response, if I am to receive a response at all. As I mentioned in the beginning of my latter, I truly believe in my heart that we could become the best of ”   ” or ”   ” but we will never know until you respond back! Smile..I’ll be waiting, until then, take care.

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