Mario Arenas Morales #15782-112

Mario Morales 15782-112 U.S.P. Canaan P.O. Box 300 Waymart, PA 18472

Release Date: LIFE

Here are a few words to introduce myself. My name is Mario. I am 48 years old of Spanish decent. I am originally from Mexico
and I was born on 12-26-67. I am a single male who is presently incarcerated at U.S.P. Cannan. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’5″, 140 lbs. Now that the basics are covered, let me explain a little about  myself.

My reason for posting this add is to meet anyone new who is interested in friendship. My hobbies and activities are drawing portraits, reading, music and sports. As far as sports, I prefer to participate rather than watch. I love to exercise, stay healthy and in shape.

My religious beliefs are geared more into the spiritual. I believe in a god  but prefer not to label it. I have a personal interest in politics, still it is mainly a concern with what is right and just.

I have no interest in a persons financial situation. Although, as a friend, sometimes I enjoy exchanging gifts. This is not mandatory, just something I enjoy.

I hope this peaks a good hearted persons interest and I look forward to any and all replys, male or female correspondence is welcome.

2 comments on “Mario Arenas Morales #15782-112
  1. Abraham says:

    Hi I’m Gaby’s son Flavios son. Is this Flavios uncle? Can you write back if you are?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m Gaby’s & Flavios kid. Is this Flavios uncle? Can you write back if you are?

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