Willie Robinson #12400-002

Willie Robinson 12400-002 P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA 71467

Release Date: 11/04/2025

Hi there viewer!

Please just give me one minute of your time. Although I’m not physically free, I am mentally eligible and seeking a friendship.
I like to read, write, and because of my prior career, I train(workout). Pro boxing was my major focus before my serious turn of events. I’m from Montgomery, Alabama and I’m doing 15 years on a gun charge. I’ve been down for 5 years and I have 10 more left, GOD willing.

Now the internet is consumed with its share of deception and rhetoric therefore it becomes very difficult to differentiate between what is factual and what is fiction. Please understand i am not a seller of dream for, “I am a conveyor of reality.”

Now to properly assert myself, my name is Willie ‘LiL’ Robinson. I’m 5’7″, weigh 190 lbs. My hobbies include reading, writing, and listening to slow jams. I’m very laid back and open minded.

In conclusion, you may ask yourself what do I have to offer? True indeed, due to my present circumstances, there is a limited aspect I can offer yet the aspect I bring is the substance in which solid foundations are based upon, and that’s communication. For communication breeds understanding, understanding breeds a bond and that bond makes all things possible. But it begins with communication because without it nothing is possible! Success starts with an idea and belongs to those who dare. If you dare, feel free to get at me.(SMILE)


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