Christopher Castillo #33416-380

Christopher Castillo 33416-380 U.S.P. Beaumont P.O. Box 26030 Beaumont, TX 77720

Release Date: 04/15/2020

Hello world, my name is Christopher. I am currently doing a 7 year sentence in Beaumont, TX. It’s a federal joint. I’m 28 years old.
I’m interacial and I love to work out. I’m reaching out to this sight in hopes of stumbling across a good female friend, one that I can possibly build with on all levels. I consider myself a straight up and down individual and I’m not into passing my time by wasting yours. Race doesn’t matter, what I’m looking for has to be in you, not on you. Shoot your shot like i just shot mine, without any futherance…Oh yea, I’m from San Antonio, TX.

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