Lacey Lewis #1853859

Earliest Release Date: 01/03/2020

Seeking friendships of mass variety to quench my isolation from society.

Average to slim build, natural brunette (but preferred blonde), vegetarian and animal lover.

I’m adventurous, outgoing, intelligent, artistic, positive, easy to be around, talented in many things, mature, passionate, loyal, and sensual.
I’m always ready to try new things and take on challenges.

Interests include: fitness, healthy, beauty, music, concerts, festivals, nature, traveling, science, computers, the outdoors, and anything to do with being around water.

I’m down to earth, but also appreciate the finer things in life.

With my past behind me, I’m searching for new beginnings.

During my incarceration, I’ve become involved with Patriot Paws. I dedicate myself daily to training dogs to service disabled U.S. veterans.  This has become my passion and calling, and I plan to further pursue a career in animal training.

Because of my past, sobriety from drugs is very important to me.  I am looking for someone to respect and support this, as well as my hopes, dreams, and passions.  I’m ready to make up the lost years wasted in my old lifestyle.

I’m looking for mature, stable, open-minded fun lovers who are adventurous, easygoing, and looking for happiness.

I’m open to visits and phone calls that will allow us to connect on a more personal and intimate level. Sincerity and honesty is a must.

Hoping to hear from you.


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