Riley Walls #17303-016

Riley Walls #17303-016 United States Complex P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA 71467

Release Date: LIFE

I am a man who in life has made some bad decisions and has spent over 22 years in prison.
Throughout this journey I have never met that special someone whom I can really call a “friend”. I am very old fashioned and some people say that I’m still living in the 1990’s! I am 41 yrs of age, 6′-0″ tall and 185 lbs. I exercise a lot. I’m good for motivation and inspiring in more ways than one.


I really enjoy writing poems and communicating with sharing these talents. I also enjoy relaxing music and having a good time listening to music.
I’m looking for “one” FEMALE friend that is fun, kind, good spirited and sincere. Someone who has understanding and patience.
Your Future friend,

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