Aaron Dittman #46879-177

Aaron Dittman #46879-177 U.S.P Pollock Satellite Camp P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA 71467

Release Date: 08/17/2022

I enjoy remodeling houses, real estate, etc. Buying and trading houses and cars is what I love to do.
My hobbies are exercising (running) and most of all my dogs (pit bulls). All I am looking for is someone to talk to about everyday things. someone who will not discuss every single thing I tell her with everyone. Many things are just topics for me and her. I need a partner. a woman who wants a best friend; someone to trust and lead.A woman who believes in what I believe. And that is that its me and her against the WORLD. We can do anything as long as we trust in each other and tackle all problems together. not ever leaving each other in the blind about anything.
Age 36
height 6’1″ Weight 225 lbs
Prefer Hispanic or white women
Born in New Orleans LA, Live in Fort Worth Texas

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