Urselina King #10-G-0027

Earliest Release Date:12/01/2016

I am looking for a nonjudgmental, genuine, and open-minded person who wants to develop a long-lasting friendship and to be a support system to someone behind bars.

I am a fun loving, outgoing, outspoken and caring woman with a lot of joy to share.  My zodiac sign is Aquarius!  I enjoy shopping, dancing, traveling, cooking and listening to music.

Since I’ve been incarcerated I have achieved many positive things and am an inspiration to other women in the system.  I am a facilitator for Anger Management class. I teach women how to control their anger and think before they react and underhand the consequences that come along with their actions.  I’m also a teacher’s aide.  I help women obtain their G.E.D.  I try to help women stay positive and to do things to better themselves while incarcerated. I am also active in the church.

I am going to be released soon and I plan to start a catalog that will offer support and options to fellow inmates. Only a fellow ex-inmate can truly understand the struggles that come with being alone in this experience can have on a person.

Everyone needs someone, is that someone you?  Looking forward to hearing from you!!  Please enclose a photo when responding.


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