Nichole Forde #11058-029

Earliest Release Date: 03/01/2036 

A little bit of Sugar and a lot more Spice and few of the things that are nice; loyalty, creativity a sense of humor and an open mind – that is all me.

But what about you? I am a girly girl, but I am more than happy to get some dirt under my nails, whether it is repairing a car or just being outside in the wide open spaces, it is in my nature to be curious.

I enjoy all the simple things life has to offer like music, reading and good conversation. I enjoy Coast to Coast radio and my favorite band is Disturbed and the History and Discovery channel are my favorite TV channels.

I believe life is a road to be walked in your own time and in your own way, the people we meet and the lessons we learn as we go along that road help shape us into the people we become.

I am keen to hear from anyone who might want to spend words on me and while all our interests may not align perfectly, I will happily correspond with anyone who has a strong mind, can make me laugh and knows the value of good friendship.

If my words have gotten your attention or you would like to share a slice of your world, write me!


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