Jeff Flannery #AL7539

Jeff Flannery #AL7539 Calipatria S.P. P O Box 5007 (D-4-117) Calipatria, CA 92233-5007

Earliest Release Date: 09/27/23 Latest Release Date: 2028

I feel as though I’m stranded on this deserted island so I’m putting this into a bottle and sending it into the ocean, hoping it reaches you! I realize there’s hundreds of potential friends to choose from and you’re probably trying to decide who’s the right one for you to trust. I think in the world today  everything moves so fast, over the phone words get skipped in the rush, chatting online is quick and accessible, but neither of these forms of communication allow the time or space to slow down, explore, fantasize, hope, or to build a foundation for something meaningful.

On the other hand sometimes it’s nice to just chat with someone new with no expectations or strings attached, to share and leave with a smile. I’m willing to put myself out there with the hopes that you can do the same.

This is new to me, but I have alot of friends who have met really awesome people, which led me to this page today. We all have something that brought us to this place; I would love to know what brought you here. So if this reaches your island, break my bottle and give it a chance. I’ll be waiting.

Until then, smile!

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