Clifton Hines #892420

Clifton Hines #892420 WSP 1313 North 13th Ave. 81-A-3 Walla Walla, WA 99362

Earliest Release Date: 08/17/2017 Latest Release Date: 2018

My name is Clifton Hines. I’m looking for friends to write to, so I’m using this website to see if it really works.

I spend my time here working with dogs that come from a local animal shelter. I really enjoy being able to help train the dog, teaching the basic commands so it will be well behaved in its forever home. I am also enrolled in college, currently working towards my Associate of Arts Degree here in prison.

I enjoy reading, I read everything from Psychology, Philosophy, to Fantasy to Science Fiction. I’m currently writing a Fantasy, young adult novel right now. My favorite books have to be Non-Fiction, Buddhist literature. It helps me to understand how my mind works, so does meditation. Meditation helps me to stay mindful of things.

I like to play handball, which is just another form of racquetball, just instead of racquets you use your hands. I like to play basketball also. I go to the gym, and work out every other day. I also like to run with my dog in the yard. I enjoy all music, from Nicki Minaj to Antonio Vivaldi.

I would like to learn how to play the violin one day, it is such a beautiful instrument. I don’t watch much TV but there are a few shows that I watch regularly: “The Walking Dead”, “Ellen” and “America’s Next Top Model”.

I like meeting new people, so if you would like to write or email me, please do. The email provider I use is www.


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