Adam Happy #1059326

Adam Happy #1059326 Ely State Prison PO Box 1989 Ely, NV 89301

Earliest Release: 04/20/21 Lateset: 2023

Hey, how’s it going? Hopefully as kool as can be for you. My name is Adam A. Happy, I’m Native American and represent it to the fullest but open minded to other cultures and everything around. Everyone knows me as “Happy”, on the streets it’s different. Do I live up to my name? That’s a fact. My family and friends know it and everyone seems to like the way that I carry myself so I must be doing something right. I always look on the brighter side of things even in a bad situation but serious and focused when needed to be. If I can make you smile, laugh or even brighten your day in any way then we both win.

I’m a bit anxious and nervous myself to what this will bring. I’m not here to judge but to respect and understand you. Whatever in between me and you is between me and you, can’t no one take that. I know I am where I’m at and I live it but to be honest this isn’t me. I’m needed at home or chillin’ with you if we got the chance to meet (female), no matter the distance. So introduce me to how you live, from the past, present and the future, I’ll meet you halfway, if only on paper for the moment. Until then have a nice day!


Adam A. Happy


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