Andrew Anderson #M35076

Earliest Release Date:03/02/2066 Latest Release Date:2066

Earliest Release Date: 03/02/2066
Latest Release Date: 2066


My name is Andrew Anderson.  I’m 27-years-old (3-16-88) and I’ve been incarcerated for nine years (4-9-06).  I’m a good listener who’s honest with an objective view on life.

I received my high school diploma in June 2009 and doing my best to further that.  I’m proud of my diploma however, I believe my greatest achievement is my transformation from a follower into a leader.
To pass my time I like to write books.  I began writing street literature (urban novels).  These books are good for entertainment but sometimes they are used for inspiration.  I don’t want to encourage anyone to do wrong.

At the moment I’m in the process of writing children’s books.  Through these books I hope to guide the young through my experiences in hopes that they will make better decisions.  These books I hope to get published.  I had an offer for one my urban books but I decided to be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.

Another pastime I have is study.  If it’s anything pertaining to knowledge conducive to my growth I am open to it.  I’m practicing Al-Islam but like to study all religions and cultures.
Good friends are hard to come by.  I’m only searching for one real friend.  A true friend I can talk to without having to worry about them looking down on me or using my vulnerabilities against me.

Hopefully that friend is you.


P.S. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry.


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