Dontay Johnson #V29844

arliest Release Date:01/01/2024 Latest Release Date:2027

Earliest Release Date: 01/01/2024
Latest Release Date: 2027

Hello, I’m an inquisitive Aquarian father of one who will eventually continue a profession in computer programing as a computer tech upon release. I’m multi-talented and know a little bit about a lot of things. I’m hoping to create life long friendships with people who know the value of communication and aren’t afraid to be themselves. I’m searching for someone to call “my own” even if that “my own” comes in the form of a friend.

I’m not looking for a specific age, race, or body type in a woman. I only wish to find someone who’s dedicated, loyal, loves to write, and doesn’t mind sharing themselves with me on every level. I’m known to be poetic and extremely detailed. I’m an artist, love photography, and anything unique that others might look past as ordinary. I’ve been alone for a long time and need a positive distraction from my surroundings.

I wish to meet someone I can make beautiful memories with and take with me into the future. I’m attracted to women who have their own minds. The type that doesn’t necessarily need a man, but wants one. I’m built tough, love hard, and can be passionately gentle or aggressively man-ish. I learn fast and adapt to pretty much anything. Living the type of life I’ve lived makes me non-judgmental of others and easy to talk to.

With this, I wish to create a friendship, relationship, companionship, and potential forevership…

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