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Hello to all,

Thank you for viewing my page and hopefully writing me!  I come to you as a humble and blessed man you see in prison, but was given a second chance.

Over the years I’ve learned that falling down is a part of life, but getting back up is living. So if you’re reading this today and looking to make a new friend, I would like to be that person.

Let me be the person you share your thoughts with.  Let’s laugh together and create new memories. Let’s get to know one another.  I’m smart, funny, good-looking, and very open minded.  I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things.

I’m single with no children, but I am very marriage minded and someday want to start a family. Right now I’m just looking for a friend to build with. I believe that every relationship is a 2 way street. It starts with trust and respect. Everything else will pretty much fall into place with time. I want to be that person that keeps you smiling and brightens up your day!

So until the very next time pen kisses paper, stay as beautiful as you are and know that I’m hoping to hear from you soon!

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