Anthony Wharton #719751 1313 N 13th Ave Walla Walla WA. 99362

Race: White Date of Birth: 4-13-77 Height: 5'9" Earliest Release Date: 2020 Maximum Release Date: 2031

Date of Birth: 4-13-77
Earliest Release Date: 2020

As a young team, I chose a path full of self destructive behavior and confusion. I was desperate to prove myself to the onlooking world or anyone with the slightest resemblance of a friend. Determined not to show weakness or worse how askew my moral compass has become, I picked a direction and wound up on a collision course for prison. After spending many years feeling alone, betrayed and confused about life, my only comforts coming through music, art, and exercise, I begin a self examination, my quest to find the answers within myself. After many years of reading self help books, journaling and exploring my mind, the healing began and I started to love myself. Now searching for some solid friends with whom I can make a connection with who share the same thirst for life.

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