Brandon Monghur #68704 PO Box 2028 Indian Springs NV. 89070

Race: Black Date of Birth: 3-6-80 Height: 5'8" Earliest Release Date: 5-30-2017 Maximum Release Date: 5-30-2020

Date of Birth: 3-6-80
Earliest Release Date: 5-30-2017

Dear worldwide, what’s up everybody, my name is Brandon, but my friends call me Little Red. I’m a very outspoken person who loves to converse. I like to laugh and have fun. Las Vegas, Nevada, that’s my city born and raised. They say what happens here stays here, but I can tell you about it.

I’m looking for consistent pen pal with good intellect and capable of uplifting me. Mainly, your friendship is what I seek. I’m trying to interact with all races and faces too. If you’re searching deeper and I see this, I’m willing to follow. I love to challenge myself. I make lemonade out of lemons, so in my situation I make the best of it. I hit the gym or yard everyday to work out, I lift weights, jog, and play basketball. Keep my body active. When I get a good book, I like to read. Music is my medicine. An ultimate healer. Any type, if the soul feel it, it’s felt. I don’t let the circumstance I’m momentarily in to define me. I made some mistakes, but that was just a moment in time. I’d rather judge a person by character, integrity, and the direction they are headed. You see my picture, long dreads, hazel eyes, pretty smile, pretty face, solid body. What’s up! Holler at the man. Hit me up and please send a photo. Your letter can make my day.

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