Romaroe Scott #77747-083

Romaroe Scott #77747-083 Pollock U.S.P. P.O. Box 2099 Pollock, LA 71467

Release Date: 12/12/2018

I’d like to start by saying thank you. I appreciate the time you’ve set aside to be illuminated by someone special who can very well be a special future friend.
I hope that you are in the best of health and spirit as you read this way of introducing myself.

My name is Romaroe. I’m from Norfolk VA. I am strong minded ambitious, and loyal to those who hold special places in my life. I’m the father of 3, two daughters ages 15 and 4, and a son age 14. They are truly what makes my heart beat. I’m 33 years old, very mature. I cherish the existence of the female. I believe man could not exist without the female, whether friend or relationship. I enjoy reading books of thought, movies, my children, and being apart of a good conversation. I like to laugh and trip a little, life is too short for stress I an a great listener, with a good sense of humor and loyal If ever needed to vent you can always breath on me. Its tough out there! I know! That’s why we need friends “Good Friends”! That’s what I offer you That’s all I’m looking for, just a real good friend. If this is you please allow me to be embraced by your friendship.

6′-3″ 220 lbs

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