Marshall Monroe #72642-083 P.O. BOX 1000 LEWISBURG PA 17837

Race: Black Date of Birth: 3/28/89 Height: 6'2" Religion: none Education: GED Projected Release Date: 7/13/2032

Date of Birth: 3/28/89
Release Date: 7/13/2032

Salutation to my unique and beautiful minded woman. I want you to know I appreciate just the thought of you thinking about us (the forgotten). Thank you. Well, let me inform you a little about myself. I am a very open minded type guy, love to listen and observe and far from the judgmental type. I am also a very well balanced guy not to aggressive that I forget how to be gentle with a woman and not to soft that I blow wherever the wind blows strongest.

I am a very perfect friend plus if I may say, give the best advice for your problems. I cherish loyalty and honesty so if you do the same thats a plus.

I am just looking for a good friend who will help me while I help them get threw this journey we call life. I just want to meet a nice woman and let the energy direct it’s own course to how we feel. So if you like what you see just hit me up.

Blessing and Peace

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