Acacia Bowers #15600007 24490 SW Grahams Ferry Rd. Wisonville Oregon 97070

Race: White Date of Birth: 3-15-1985 Height: 5'2" Earliest Release Date: 11-2018 Maximum Release Date: 5-2020

Date of Birth: 3-15-1985
Earliest Release Date: 11-2018

I am a 30 year old Greek Pisces. This is my first time in prison and absolutely the last. I have come to look at it not as a failure, but a lesson learned. A huge one…. My heart revolves around my crazy family, a teddy-bear Pomeranian named Cooklinn, and Brussel Griffon named Honeywoo. If theres something I am completely passionate about it’s animals. When it’s sunny outside I feel theres nothing to complain about. God is real in my life and always has been my music library includes everything from Fleetwood Mac to 2Pac. Heart to Tracy Chapman. Jason Aldean to Michael Jackson. I love 90’s country!

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  1. Chris says:

    Are you sure you dont have a s***r daddy ?

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