Joel Anaya #AL6672 P.O. Box 5242 Corcoran CA 93212

Earliest Release:11/06/25

Hey You! I’m sure if you are reading this, then a slight curiosity has already been drawn but I also realize the hardest part is coming to the conclusion if a certain somebody is worth your time and attention!? Well to make it easier for you that answer is of course! HAHA!

I understand that the anxiety of daily concerns but if blessed the opportunity I’d love to show you that slowly but surely I can help separate you from closed lifestyle and fill your mind strictly with thoughts of happiness, hence forth me!!

I don’t want to elaborate on myself to much just based on the fact I can demonstrate better than I can explicate, but in hopes of helping aleave any doubt I’ll make it simplistic…if you’re looking for someone that could just make you smile, who you can have a fly and intelligent conversation with, who’ll listen when it hurts, then help lift you up through the grieving process, then look no further!

Personally I’m a very optimist person. I love to laugh. I’m down to earth and can give you what you want as if I owed you! So don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and you’ll come to realize that even from a distance your needs can get met (smile)!

In hopes of hearing from you shortly tho I’ll end this with an…until soon.

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