James Garris #1764785 12120 Savage Dr. Midway TX 75852

Earliest Release:6/23/2027 Latest Release: 2044

Earliest Release:6/23/2027

At the age of 19, I made the biggest mistake of my life and went from being a PFC in the Army, to sitting in county jail with a million dollar bond for Capital Murder, facing life or a death sentence. In the end I dodged the worst outcome, yet I still spend my days behind bars now serving time in prison.

I was born in Camden, New Jersey but later moved to Killeen, Texas. My nationality consists of African American and Panamanian. In the Army I was a diesel mechanic and growing up working on cars became my passion. Even still to this day, I dream of one day owning a mechanic’s shop. Maybe, even becoming a mechanical engineer and designing my own after market car parts.

With all of the technology in the world today, writing letters has become a lost art. But writing is my only means of expression from behind these walls, so when my mind becomes congested with thoughts, I write.

I would like to meet people from different backgrounds, who have amazing personalities and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. You never know, we might have a lot in common, so let’s get to know each other and find out.

Thank you for visiting my profile.

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4 comments on “James Garris #1764785 12120 Savage Dr. Midway TX 75852
  1. Merrell Griswold says:

    Tito wassup bro how you been Hope all is well this is Rell we was locked up in bell county together

  2. Nadiyah Daaliya says:

    Hey Tito I have been trying to reach you I hope this gets to you. This is Nadiyah. Send me an address

  3. Lamika Eva Weiss says:

    Hi Tito. This is La. I don’t know if you remember me from when you were younger- however I was your Mom and Dee friend. I hope you are hanging in there. Sending prayers.

  4. Ebonee says:

    Dear best friend,
    Remember you aren’t the mistakes you’ve made. Keep your head held high and always keep God first. I love you always.

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