Darryl Johnson #166931 5850 East Milton Road Milton FL 32583

Earliest Release: 6/1/2017 Latest Release: 2017

Earliest Release: 6/1/2017

Hello, may I enter your thoughts? If so, thank you. I am a 32 year-old single, versatile, dominant, gay, exotic man, with Reese’s cup brown eyes, 5’8″, 155 pounds, athletically built, faithful, loving, honest, loyal, passionate, idealistic, and sincere in my search to discover that special someone…

My hobbies consist of: travelling, reading, writing, shopping, and professional endeavors. My interest is not limited upon myself, but is all about catering to others, which is a thrill.

Please overlook my circumstance and see why I am me. There’s so much reality that dwells within me. I am soon to be released to society as a changed man! With a solid foundations to start a corporate empire that will be achieved.

But at this time, I wish to fill the void of my loneliness and connect with a loving, devoted, honest, kind, caring, compassionate, understanding, educated, and professional, friend or someone who’s seeking a lifetime friend. Whomever wants the same, pick up your pen, write, and express your every thought, let me witness your personality and many characteristics.

I’ll be your human diary and I’ll insert “joy” within you, and give you that stimulation of fulfillment even at the physicality of my disadvantages. I yearn for companionship as cold nights yearn for heat, and the summer yearns for the kisses of winter. No one is whole or complete without someone and I’m in need of your friendship and beyond! I’ll prove that I’m capable of appealing to your heart’s strongest pursuits…write to me, special??


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