James Gary #167344 200 Road To Justice West Liberty KY 41472

Earliest Release:6/20/2027 Latest Release: 2032

Earliest Release:6/20/2027
Latest Release: 2032

Hello and greetings to everyone out there in the real world. My name is James and I’m serving time in the Kentucky DOC.

I’m originally from the East Side of Derby City: the Bluegrass state’s one and only majestic metropolis. I’m 6’2″, 195 pounds, rock solid, athletic physique. I’m a clean, intelligent, articulate, cultured,  person surviving and thriving in the system.

My life was sidetracked at a young age by drugs and crime. Ironically, prison has helped me  discover my true self and my true direction in life. Now that I’m looking at the downhill stretch of my incarceration, my focus turns to my dreams and aspirations beyond these walls.

I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, travel, boxing, weightlifting, swimming, casino gaming, cruises, sunbathing and living life to the fullest. I am a huge fan of “Game of Thrones” series. Jaqen H’ghar is my character; also loving gangster Tyrion and Arya Underfoot. I’m a “Breaking Bad Enthusiast; my other shows include “Dexter”, “Spartacus”, “Workaholics”, “Broad City” and Adult Swim on the late nite tip.

I’m an animal lover and crazy about Boxers, Akitas, Mastiffs and Chows. I’m a pure Sagittarius. I’m really just a big kid at heart with an extravagant sense of humor and a deep thirst and passion for life.

I’m stuck back in the 90’s, but nothing has changed but my bank account. I’m still the same: True to the Game.

I’m very open-minded, always seeking knowledge and wisdom and have zero tolerance for ignorance, bigotry and law enforcement across the board.

I’m seeking everything under the sun. Let me hear from you.


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