Lue Lee

Lue Lee

Earliest Release: 1/25/2030 Latest Release: 2100

Earliest Release: 1/25/2030

Greetings, Thank you for taking your time to stop by and to view my profile. I have this ad set up in hopes of making new friends. A little about myself, I am the type of person who takes life one day at a time. I have a great sense of humor; even life in prison isn’t so serious. What I like to do in my spare time is play sports. I am also involved in trade schools and taking college courses that the prison offers. I plan to get something out of this experience, not just sit here and gain nothing. I am also a role playing gamer. If you are wondering how I ended up in this situation: well, it’s a long story, one in which I would not mind sharing in the future, and one I still regret till this day. The reason I am in here doesn’t define who I am. I know I am better than that. I just made a poor decision and a horrible mistake. I don’t blame anyone other than myself. I am very sorry you had to meet me like this. I wish it could be anywhere else but here, but I’ll take what fate allows. My life is an open book; and it starts when you read the first page. Again, thank you for your time and curiosity. I hope to hear from you soon. I will respond to all who write. Hopefully a New Friend

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