Van Nguyen

Van Nguyen

Earliest Release: 1/24/2017 Latest Release: 2017

Earliest Release: 1/24/2017

I’m looking for a lady friend who is nice and gentle at heart.  Someone’s who caring and comfortable to endless conversations.  I’d like a friend who knows how to have fun and always have new ideas she wants to share.  She can be playful or serious, but my number one attractions is honesty. A good friendship is hard to find, but if we can, make it into a blossoming flower, I’ll make sure on my part to keep it genuine.

A little bit about myself, I am honest and humble.  I can be very loving and caring at any given time. Sometimes I can get over the moment if someone pushes my buttons, although it would take great distance for that to happen.  I like to share my thoughts and ideas with a friend and hoping that one day we can achieve something great together. Other than that, I am a very fun person once you get to know me.

My friendship is a mysterious garden, if you are to explore it, it’s up to you to open the door.

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