Alit Khan #M18690 PO Box 1700 Galesburg IL 61402

Earliest Release: 6/28/2018 Latest Release: 2020

Earliest Release: 6/28/2018
Latest Release: 2020


My name is Alit Khan. I am 27 years old of Pakistani heritage, born and raised in Chicago. I have been incarcerated since 2009. I have traveled a lot, I was lucky enough, been pretty much everywhere except South America. I admire Renaissance era art and Jackson Pollack. I have also lived abroad in Dubai (U.A.F.), London (U.K.) and in my younger years also in Somalia. I can’t remember much of that.

I do not have any siblings. I recently faced a great tragedy of my life, the loss of my father. All I have left is my lovely mother. I am looking for new friends. I am not seeking any sort of financial help, thank God saving’s do come in handy.

I am seeking new friends and acquaintanceship. I am an avid reader and do not discriminate against different genres. Music wise I love Eric Clapton, Hip Hop, House and recently introduced Country music which I like but modern Country mainly. Also to pass time I exposed myself to art a couple years ago. I’ve learned I cannot draw, but I can trace and I like acrylics and oils require a lot of patience. My other hobby which I dearly miss is saltwater aquariums.

Thank you for taking your precious time for visiting my profile. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care and have a great day/evening/night which ever may apply (smile).

A Khan

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