John Le #1695806 P.O. Box 686 Dayton, TX 77535

Earliest Release: 11/07/2017 Latest Release: 2025

Earliest Release: 11/07/2017
Latest Release: 2025

What’s up?

My name is John. I am “almost” halfway through a 15 year sentence and I’m going to go ahead and come straight out and say it, it gets pretty lonely in here. I try to be as much of an overachieving inmate as I can be (if there’s such a thing). I’ve completed 2 years of college, took a trade, and even wrote a book. But, none of those compare to having a friend on the outside to tell any of that to, preferably one that can talk about something other than cars, sports, etc.

A little about myself… I’m a Vietnamese-American, born and raised in Houston. In the world, I was into playing recreational sports, throwing BBQ’s and hanging out with friends and family. In here, I hate to admit it but, I’ve turned into something of a bookworm. I love to write (and since my list of friends to write is next to none), hopefully you can help with that.

I love kids, but that just never really happened for me. No worries though, because I have 4 siblings that took care of that for me, making me the beloved uncle of 10 (and counting) beautiful nieces and nephews whom I can never get enough of.

I hope that I’ve sparked your interest enough to try me out. I look forward to hearing from you.

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