Phvoc Nguyen

Phvoc Nguyen

DOB:09-14-1978 RACE:Asian HEIGHT:5' 9" WEIGHT:180 HAIR: Black EYES: Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: Life

DOB: 09-14-1978

Only when something is taken from you can you truly appreciate how your life was enriched because of it. With this understanding come a keen sense of loss and true understanding. I was allowed to bask in what some people would call heaven and yet I took it for granted. What is considered heaven is different from everyone. For some, it could be being in love with someone and for others it can be something as simple as freedom.

I lost the latter but have yet to experience the other. Sometime I wonder if it’s too late. Love and friendship is something that we all need. It is a blessing that is given freely and once it is bestowed upon you, replication is authentic. Despite losing my freedom I haven’t lost everything, I gained a new perspective about what matters in life. It would be easy for me to dwell on myself and my needs but I now understand life is not about self. It’s about love, peace, joy and freedom of spirit for myself and others. And for all my years on this earth, I’ve never felt as free.

In my optimism, I feel it’s never too late and if life is about love it will definitely find a way. Logic and love doesn’t go together. In fact, love by definition is illogical because it has a habit of conquering the impossible.


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