Danny Walton, Jr.

Danny Walton, Jr.

DOB:05-21-1979 RACE:African-American HEIGHT:6' 1" WEIGHT:185 HAIR: Black EYES: Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: 09-2021

DOB: 05-21-1979
Earliest Release: 09-2021

Tired of being taken for granted, lied to, and cheated on? Well I’m here to present you and I both the perfect opportunity to meet someone without all the drama that comes along with relationships that never stood a chance from the beginning.

My name is Danny Walton. I’m a black man with light brown skin and brown eyes. I’m 6 ft. 1 inch tall and weigh 185 pounds. I love lifting weights and maintaining a healthy body. My nickname is “Honey Boy.” It’s a name that was inherited from my grandfather while I was a baby. As a kid I hated the name but it grew on me so now that’s what my family and friends call me.

My hobbies are playing basketball, camping, traveling, spending time with loved ones, getting money, and whatever else you might consider as fun. I’m currently locked up in El Reno, OK in the Feds for dealing drugs. I’ve used this situation as a learning experience and an opportunity to better myself mentally, physically, as well as spiritually. I’ve been locked up for 7 years and have approximately 6 years left. I’m far from desperate but would enjoy meeting someone to become friends with and perhaps even closer with time. I believe that every great woman deserves a good man, so who better for you than me? smiley After all, a wise man once said “Never be lonely,” right? smiley

I don’t have time for games or drama. Life is too short so I choose to live drama-free. I’m also a fond believer that the best game in the world is simply, the truth. Trust, honesty, and loyalty will carry you a long way in any relationship. I’m from San Angelo, TX and consider myself a friend that a best friend would love to have. Not only am I willing to be someone you can confide in, but I’m willing to be your diary and so much more.

I’m just looking for someone to grow with. So girl, stop playing with yourself (speaking hypothetically of course. Ha! Ha!) and give us an opportunity to get to know each other. Enough about me because after all, it’s all about you baby girl and us prospering together. So tell me a little something about yourself and what you look for in a man.

Until I hear from you, I leave as I came, with much love and the utmost respect…


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