Matthew Awad

Matthew Awad

DOB:04-18-1986 RACE:Other HEIGHT:6' 0" WEIGHT:190 HAIR:Black EYES: Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: 02-2025

Currently in Arizona, born and raised on the Jersey Shore. I have a slight East-Coast accent. I am always asked to repeat the number four and coffee. I don’t hate on coffee though, coffee’s great. I’m a firm believer in knowledge being power. I am striving to earn my second degree. I stay current in Neuroscience. I have a vast understanding of cognitive brain function and the hormones released in our brains that cause us to do what we do. And feel how we feel. I am focused to put this incarceration behind me and goal-oriented to a future of success. I don’t waste not one day.

I prefer to be called Matt or Matty. I have a wonderful family. My mother, father and two older sisters are back in Jersey. We stay close but they’re so far away that it’s impossible not to feel lonely at times. I also have a steady group of close friends that once were kids I grew up with, now a solid support-group that helps me reach my goals. Even with my strong network, there is still a void. Something missing. I really want a special connection with a lady friend.

It is important to me that you are respected at all times, that you feel the warmth of my heart, that we share many smiles through emotional support. If you can reciprocate these things, don’t hesitate, write me today. Even if we don’t have a romantic connection, you’ll gain a friend that offers honest opinions and shared interests.

I’m honesty, loyal, warm, down-to-earth, understanding, mellow and kind and gentle. You can rely on me always being a gentleman. Some other interests include: Soccer, surfing, reading, NFL, fitness, yoga and more. I’m health-conscious, good nutrition, good shape. So if I peaked any of your interests, share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with me, as me anything. Please give me the pleasure of meeting and getting to know you.


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  1. Katie K says:

    Love Matt <3

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