Demarcus Degrate #84530-280

Demarcus Degrate #84530-280 Pollock USP P.O. Box 2099 Pollock LA. 71467

Release Date: 02/18/2016

Aye…wassup! If you are reading this it is definitely for you!…a very special person that I am more than willing to try to get to know on a friendly or more personal level.
I’m glad to know that I caught your attention for a split second and hopefully I can keep it for days.. months and maybe even years to come.I ain’t trying to write a novel so let me tell you a little about myself and my intentions.My name is Demarcus Degrate but everyone calls me “D”. I’m from Texas but at the moment I’m locked up in the feds down here in Pollock LA. I have been incarcerated since ’09 but I am soon to be back out there in society in Feb. 2016. I got locked up for possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine and possession of a firearm by a felon. I am as real as it gets, honest and I show love for the people who show me love back. Loyalty is something I live by, and that wont change. I am only interested in contacting females that I can have conversations with and someone who doesn’t mind lending a listening ear. speaking their mind and receiving the same in return. And with that being said Ms. VIP I hope to hear from you soon.

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