Jeffrey Woods #178167 PO Box 3300 Florence, AZ 85132

DOB:03-02-1976 RACE:Caucasian HEIGHT:6' 2" WEIGHT:200 HAIR: Blonde EYES: Blue EXPECTED RELEASE: 08-2029

DOB: 03-02-1976
Earliest Release: 08-2029

Hi, I’m Jeff. I grew up in a small town in Missouri. I lost my accent but not my small town values. I am a happy and optimistic person. I communicate well. I enjoy laughter and making others laugh. I have no problem being serious when it comes to accomplishing my goals. I am a success-oriented person. I believe in making the best out of any situation. I enjoy life and I have a loving and supportive family. Knowledge is power. I have a great interest in higher education. I’ve attended college but as of yet I don’t have a degree. I am fascinated with brain health and have been reading books that coincide with the subject.

While in prison I’ve volunteered for multiple self-help programs, participated in charity fundraisers, and have invested 3 years into helping other inmates receive their GED. I like to focus on the good in others and I believe that together we as people can overcome all barriers. I hold onto my identity and put great effort into not making this place a part of me. I am a skilled craftsman in all aspects of concrete, brick, block, tile and stone. My hobbies include music, art, poetry, cooking, fitness, health, fixing and building things, and nature. I love puppy dogs and I’m an active person. I’m loyal and honest and am looking for a friend,.

Feel free to write me whenever you like.

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