Terry Gonzales #P-62116 PO Box 3461 Corcoran, CA 93212

DOB:01-13-1983 RACE:Hispanic HEIGHT:5' 11" WEIGHT:220 HAIR:Red EYES: Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: 01-2027

DOB: 01-13-1983
Earliest Release: 01-2027

I’m a traditional man with likewise values/morals, and a high level of integrity.

ABOUT ME: I’m 5’11” tall, 220 lbs., red hair, tattoos, one body piercing, and have teddy bear brown eyes (LOL). I don’t let my incarceration take away from my ambition. I manage to maintain a profound level of consistency in accomplishing the many goals that lead toward my success. I’m a fun person to be around. I’ve got a positive outlook on life and not a day goes by that I’m not smiling.

I was raised by two great parents in Modesto, California.  My mother passed during my incarceration (2013), God rest her soul.  The city I was raised in was small, but it quickly grew, and as it grew, so did I, and my choice of friendships was my downfall, and what ultimately led up to my incarceration.  I quickly dropped all of my old friends to basically start fresh.  Although I’m incarcerated, I wanted some type of normalcy in my life.  It wasn’t easy, but I survived (smile).

That’s part of my reason for this ad.  I have a lot of genuine gold in my heart that I’d like to share.  At this point in my life, I have nobody to share it with.  As I stated, my past friends were negative influences, which I cut ties with to start a new life.  It would make me so happy just to receive a letter, to have someone to communicate and laugh with.  I watch the guards pass by my cell daily during mail call, and I yearn to have someone to write with.  My hope is that you’ll give me that golden opportunity of friendship to share a smile

INTERESTS: I love reading/writing thought-provoking, intellectual literature, short stories, blogs, etc. Next year I’ll have my very first book published. I enjoy drawing and creating art. I also love talking, walking, traveling, dancing, and most of all smiling. smiley

MUSIC: I enjoy all types of music. Everything from Soft/Classic Rock to Country. The Eagles speak my lifestyle, Jason Aldean speaks my heart, Maroon 5 articulates my flow, Journey eases my mind, and 3 Doors Down get me going.

MOVIES: Scarface, Transformers, Heat, Lake House, and The Notebook. My tastes are diverse.

SEEKING: I’m searching for confident, goal-oriented women whom have direction and determination. I enjoy the quality company of intelligent women. Wanna become friends and acquaint yourself with a positive and honest man of essence?

Don’t allow the stigma that all prisoners are bad people to cloud your judgment. I’m not like that at all. I have fun but know how to be serious. Just like all fun guys, I love creating precious moments and engaging in great conversation, topics, and much laughter. I love writing, it’s my biggest passion.

If you’d like to make a friend, write me soon.

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