Jawwad Abdul-Halim

Jawwad Abdul-Halim

DOB:06-14-1985 RACE:African-American Other HEIGHT:5' 9" WEIGHT:195 HAIR: Brown EYES: Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: 09-2022

DOB: 06-14-1985
Earliest Release: 09-2022

Attention all beautiful ladies; I’m 29 years old, African-American (mixed with Trinidadian) and from NYC. I’m a Gemini, and very affectionate and emotional… I can’t help it. sad Despite the reputation of us Gemini’s, I’m “not” a two-faced person. I’m very empathic and understanding, and I relish helping people. I enjoy reading, learning, having intellectual conversations, and working-out. Making music and modeling was my career (prior to my incarceration). So, I guess it’s safe to say; My Gemini sign works in a 50¢ and R-Kelly kind of way (lol).

Anyway, I’m looking for a female friend that can be honest; knows what she wants, yet isn’t afraid to admit that she doesn’t know what she wants, and/or is confused. Someone’s word I can trust and believe in, and that is beautiful, internally! External beauty is limited (in my eyes), and doesn’t compare to internal beauty.

So, with that said; whether you believe you’re too over-weight, or too skinny; too tall, or too short; too dark-sinned, or too pale; write me. Only if you’re serious; write me and let’s cultivate a friendship.

Tell me what you like in a man, what you don’t like. Your hobbies, things you do for fun, and what makes you smile; and hopefully, I can be one of them… I’ll be waiting. smiley

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