Derrick Loving #171227 PO Box 9300 Central City, KY 42330

DOB:07-27-1980 RACE:African-American HEIGHT:6' 0" WEIGHT:174 HAIR:Black EYES:Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: 01-2022

DOB: 07-27-1980
Earliest Release: 01-2022


I train service dogs for autistic kids and people with PTSD. I love all kinds of music from Carrie Underwood to TI. People sometimes judge us by our crime. We all have flaws. If people can see the progress we put into changing and give us a chance they would see.

I love to travel on that open road. It just clears your mind. I’m writing a memoir called Lost Talent. It’s about a group of prisoners who got all this talent that no one will hear or see. I like Scrabble, Spades, Pool. I’ve never been married, still looking for that one. We all make mistakes. It’s up to us to own it and overcome it. I’m open-minded & honest. It doesn’t matter how old you are or your religion. Friends are hard to come by. Everyone struggles to make the best of their lives. God won’t put more on you than you can handle. I can’t grasp why we as humans make the simplest things the hardest. I feel if you build your mind you can create your dreams. I had to grow up quick with no father figure. I’m learning Spanish. With a name like Sancho you have no choice.

If you are curious about anything, ask me. I’m ready for a second chance. I hope someone will give it to me. I like Sons-of-Anarchy, The Americans, Young –n- The Restless, Big Bang TheoryTV shows.

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