Robert Tozzi #13A1517 PO Box 340 Collins, NY 14034

DOB:11-23-1987 RACE:Caucasian HEIGHT:5' 9" WEIGHT:175 HAIR: Brown EYES: Hazel EXPECTED RELEASE: 12-2018

DOB: 11-23-1987
Earliest Release: 12-2018

Hey… My name is Rob and I’m here in search of new, meaningful friendships. I’m 27 and grew up in a good Italian family just outside of NYC. I’ve been a licensed, working Barber and Fitness enthusiast since my teens, and take significant pride in my appearance. I don’t smoke, drink, or drug, though I’m a fiend for coffee. I graduated High School and have continued my education in subjects such as Exercise Science and Marketing.

I try to make the best of all situations and leave a tasteful impression wherever I go. In my current unfortunate circumstances, I continue to practice my trade as a Barber, keeping myself sharp and the fellas here feeling and looking good. In my remaining time, I read, study, and work out devotedly. Are you into fitness?

I’m not judgmental of anyone or their lifestyle, but do vibe best with those who have an optimistic outlook similar to my own. I’ve made my mistakes in my past, being too ambitious and seeking money through illegitimate means; but I’m ready to move beyond that and pursue my fortune using moral and fulfilling channels.

I’m here to make friends that can look beyond my previous follies and recognize my genuine ambition and talent. Are you ambitious, too? What are your aspirations?

If you like what I have to say, please drop me a line. I’m eager to meet new people and receptive to all. I look forward to hearing from you.

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One comment on “Robert Tozzi #13A1517 PO Box 340 Collins, NY 14034
  1. Scott woodburn says:

    Yo brother. Not sure if you’ll ever see this. But it’s Woodburn from new Paltz. Would love to get in touch and see how you’re doing.

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