Simone Taylor #1065610 4370 Smiley Rd Las Vegas, NV 89115

DOB:10-06-1988 RACE:African-American HEIGHT:5' 5" WEIGHT: 135 HAIR: Black EYES: Dark Brown EXPECTED RELEASE: 03-2019

DOB: 10-06-1988
Earliest Release: 03-2019

I’m a beautiful, positive, fun, loving young woman who enjoys life no matter what the circumstances are. My personality is happy, light and bubbly and I am truly grateful for the blessing of laughter. I shoot for the moon each and every waking moment to accomplish being a better woman.

I’m seeking an open-minded man who wants to know me as no one else does, mentally and emotionally. A man with a sense of humor is a plus and a man with knowledge to feed me intellectually is a double.

*What would be your best pick-up line?

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4 comments on “Simone Taylor #1065610 4370 Smiley Rd Las Vegas, NV 89115
  1. Corey C Compton says:

    Hi hun me Corey phone got wet so its dead I’m pissed got wait til sep 11get anther phone got job the ,730 4 Mon thru Fri OK here my omba phone number 440222 0723

  2. Brittany taylor says:

    Hey simone .this is your baby sister I kno right long time no talk or see .i dont evan kno what to say anymore we’ve been apart for so long ..I’m 30 years old now that long time I miss you so much iv been haven ruff too in my life ..but still going ..just wish some times this never happend I get lonely not haven nobody around half of them wouldnt understand how u took care of me looks out for me ..i feel lost and confused most days with out but will be home soon .what where ever you choose to live at I’m fine with that..just kno I love you sis I’m here waitn .like iv been since 09 ..

  3. Jamie Joyner says:

    Hello simone,
    Nice to meet you sorry It took me so long to hit you back but this Jamie Joyner 43 years. I got a letter from you in Oct.16. I do believe you have a pic of me very interested in getting to know you.Welll hit me back and I can call me at this number 386-337-2295
    .Like to get to know u smile cal anytime

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well idk if you gettin these but if you are my number is 702-501-3831 I got that box if ur paper work u sent all them years ago btw it’s Ole Bear

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