Tina Marie Powell

Tina Marie Powell

Earliest Release: 2021 Age : 56 Birthday: Oct 10, 1958 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship, Legal Help My Religion: Baptist Highest Level of Education: 12th Grade Hometown: Lexington KY

Earliest Release: 2021
Birthday: Oct 10, 1958
Hometown: Lexington KY

KCIW POLICY: ONLY white paper/envelopes. NO address labels; handwritten return name/address only. NO writing/cartoons/drawings on outside envelope.

Hello Gentlemen,

This will probably be the most “Unusual” ad you have read. I can promise U it’s the realist one U will read – if real is what U are looking 4, I suggest U write ASAP. I want someone that is strong minded, open- minded & believes in & is willing to give a lady a second chance at love, life & freedom!

My name is Tina Marie – I’m 56, 135 lbs., 5’ 6”, 38-28-36 & yes… I still look good in a bikini. ☺ I have alluring hazel eyes, mesmerizing smile along with a seductive personality that will keep U wanting to know more about me.

Now comes the part where U must open your mind & heart to fully appreciate the lady I am today.

I’ve been in prison for 30 yrs. as of 4-21-15. I went to the parole board in 2011. Because I have a murder charge I received a 10 yr. flop, which means I meet the parole board in 2021 – that is 5 yrs. away. I have no doubt I will make parole. I would like to meet a gentleman that is mentally, emotionally & financially stable enough to provide us with a good home & who believes in family values. As I said… I’m a realist. I don’t believe in white picket fences, pies cooling in the window while Timmy chases Lassie. What I do believe in… There is one good solid man out there that if he can’t relate to what I’m saying he’s wiling & interested enough to open his heart for a love that is long over due… for the both of US! Must have full name & address on envelope or email me at: jPay Tina Powell #003646.

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