Sarah St. John #1805233 2305 Ranson Rd Gatesville, TX 76528

Earliest Release: 2039 Age : 36 Birthday: Dec 09, 1978 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men Looking For: Friendship My Religion: Baptist Highest Level of Education: College Hometown: Granbury TX

Earliest Release: 2039
Birthday: Dec 09, 1978
Hometown: Granbury TX

I am an easy going laid back lady who seldom lets things bother me. I am practical and use my heart to guide me. I am honest and articulate and always speak my mind.

I am passionate, playful, sensual and curious. I hunger for new experiences in life and am looking for that special someone to share them with, as well as some good dependable friends who will be there to continue this journey with me once I am released.

I enjoy all outdoor activities: swimming, camping & gardening. I enjoy watching movies and TV, and am an avid reader. I also love animals. I am academically oriented and want to continue my college education as soon as possible.

I treat others in a fashion that I desire myself and I’m comfortable in my own skin. I am not afraid to candidly share my feelings. I believe that despite my mistakes, my past does not define me and I’m seeking someone who sees the same ambition and potential in me as I do. I won’t let the mistakes of yesterday destroy my dreams of tomorrow.

Having said all of this, if you think we might have things in common, I would love to hear from you.

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