Donna Hockman #1406120 PO Box 1000 Troy, VA 22974

Earliest Release: Life Age : 41 Birthday: Aug 26, 1973 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men, Women Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship, Legal Help My Religion: Christian Highest Level of Education: GED Hometown: Edinburg VA

Earliest Release: Life
Birthday: Aug 26, 1973
Hometown: Edinburg VA

Live life fully today as you are not promised tomorrow. If you can’t see yourself in my life in some capacity, or can’t put the time and energy in getting to know me, then please don’t waste my time.

A little information about me. Once a devoted mom with a successful career with no previous drug use or criminal history.

I love gourmet cooking, art, traveling, wine and exploring all cultures. I’m a lover of animals and nature, down to Earth, but classy. I’m a loyal, compassionate and opinionated woman who surrounds herself with positive people and believe we all have a purpose in life.

I always stand up for causes I believe in and feel your character and integrity play a huge part in how you choose to live your life.

I am looking to be the person you can tell your deepest thoughts, darkest secrets, ambitions, goals and mundane to.

In return I want someone to tell my story to. A story about my wrongful convictions and the uphill battle I traverse daily for the opportunity to return back to court and be vindicated. Only I possess the evidence that will set me free. I’m looking for people willing to help me in any way; financially, legally, spiritually and stand with me during my time of need.

I have so many layers and you just might be one of the luckiest people to peel them away and see the true me and not what the media portrayed me to be.

Will you come along for my journey to freedom.

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2 comments on “Donna Hockman #1406120 PO Box 1000 Troy, VA 22974
  1. jorge Luis castellanos says:

    Donna I just wrote you for the first time, but I promise you it wont be the last I was watching the video and it really touched my ❤ heart you are definitely a unique smart woman who unfortunately happened to go through all this situation I will pray for you none stop and I can promise you God is real I heard his voice when I crossed the Ocean .

  2. jorge Luis castellanos says:

    Hey stay strong and believe that he is powerful to set you free

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