Wanda Harlan #X02439 PO Box 1508 Chowchilla, CA 93610

Earliest Release: 2022 Age : 40 Birthday: Feb 12, 1975 Sexual Preference: BiSexual Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men, Women Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship My Religion: Christian Highest Level of Education: Graduate of Computer Literacy Hometown: Sacramento CA

Earliest Release: 2022
Birthday: Feb 12, 1975
Hometown: Sacramento CA

Wow! Fancy meeting you, in a place like this… LOL. Allow for me to introduce myself. My name is Wanda Lee Harlan & I am now 39 yrs young, as of Feb. 12th this year. I am an Aquarius, my ruling planet is Uranus, my favorite color is rainbow. Oh, bi the way, I am a playboy bunny (rabbit) in Chinese zodiac…(wink, wink). As you can ascertain, by the gist of this letter, I’ve got a very fun-loving spirit, very playful, exotic, and definitely flamboyant in character. So much so that on several occasions people have compared me to the blonde flame/guy, who plays on the TV show, Will & Grace. I’ve also been compared to Jim Carrey, alot, simply because I can be very animated & theatrical when I interact with people… I love to make people smile & laugh out loud… even at my own expense. I’m comfortable with who I am & enjoy conversing with like-minded individuals.

I am very cerebral, and enjoy strengthening the mind, by attaining as much raw knowledge on any and all subjects, that challenge my wit.

I am a bathing beauty, who craves the smell of salt water in the ocean air as I walk along the sandy beach, allowing tranquility & peace to enter my soul, as only this atmosphere can truly accomplish within me.

I do not have my “own” family, however, I live vicariously through my sister’s family, and my nieces & nephews, are my heart & soul. One day, I would really like to find a partner & best friend, with whom I can build a solid foundation with, held up by loyalty & mutual respect.

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