Priscella Saintal

Priscella Saintal

Earliest Release: Life w/parole Age : 48 Birthday: Jan 27, 1967 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship My Religion: Non-denominational Highest Level of Education: College 4-years Hometown: Hattiesburg MS

Earliest Release: Life w/parole
Birthday: Jan 27, 1967
Hometown: Hattiesburg MS

Unique and Precious Jewel

Quite the find for a distinguished, mature, respectful, adventurous gentleman who’s not intimidated by my mind, strength and free spirit! ☺

I’m a realist, uncomplicated, and love to travel, bake, dance or just relax at home reading, cuddling, or movies with my sweetheart ☺ (whom I seek)!

Are you kind? Loving? Strong? Know your position as a man and do not play games, or lie, and not afraid to live, love, laugh?

Good intentions gets responses. I’ll be there for you. If you’ll be there for me! I look forward to hearing all serious replies. ☺

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