Tabitha Maynard #377608 3201 Bemis Rd Ypsilanti MI 48197

Earliest Release: 2025 Age : 36 Birthday: Feb 23, 1979 Sexual Preference: BiSexual Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men, Women Looking For: Friendship, A Relationship My Religion: Open Highest Level of Education: Completing Associate's degree in Technology Hometown: Flint MI

Earliest Release: 2025
Birthday: Feb 23, 1979
Hometown: Flint MI

Helloooo out there, is there life out there???

I am 35 yrs. old and cannot wait to get out and start my life new. I’m 5’ 5”, 130 lbs, Brunette, Green eyes, 36/30/38. Looking to meet new people and make new friends to laugh with and share all life’s craziness.

I am a loyal, honest, trustworthy, and passionate person, who loves a good laugh even if it’s at myself. I enjoy making others laugh and feel a good sense of humor is a must in life. I am very inquisitive with unlimited curiosity; always wanting to know the why and how of everything. This has led me to study a variety of subjects, which in turn has made many label me a bookworm. I like reading, but I love experiencing life to its fullest even more. Camping, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and I’d like to learn to fly and sail.

I’ve lived in 5 states and visited 6 others with short trips into Canada and Mexico. I love the outdoors, all animals, but still enjoy the atmosphere and variety of big cities. I cannot list a favorite food because food itself is my favorite. I’m not afraid to try anything new. Part of city life is trying all the different types of foods.

I have been called (in nice terms) unique or paradoxical by many; I don’t fit into anyone category or any “normal” stereotype. I had a tough beginning, growing up with Domestic Violence, which eventually led to my incarceration at age 21, but that has only made me passionate about changing Domestic Violence laws and raising awareness, much of which I’ve been doing from right here in prison. Meeting with Senators, Representatives, the State Domestic Violence Coalition, and many independent organizations.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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