Terah Lawyer #X07919 PO Box 1508 Chowchilla, CA 93610

Earliest Release: 2017 Age : 31 Birthday: Nov 23, 1983 Sexual Preference: Straight Relationship Status: Single Interested In: Men Looking For: Friendship My Religion: Spiritual, Christian Highest Level of Education: College Hometown: Bay Area

Earliest Release: 2017
Birthday: Nov 23, 1983
Hometown: Bay Area

“Hi, my name is Terah.” However, a simple introduction could never fully convey who I truly am beyond my first name. In fact, it would be equally difficult for me to use words to reveal the inner me, for words have different meaning for every interpreter. Instead, I’ll describe myself to you through my perception. Although, I encourage you to write to me yourself so you can obtain your own understanding of who I am underneath it all.

I’m a deep feeling, sentimental woman that approaches life with a light-hearted flair. I have the craziest sense of humor because I’m addicted to laughter, and a hopeless optimist. I’m an advocate for change since I’m living proof that people can change for the better with the right ingredients. I believe in love.

I enjoy the outdoor life; swimming, camping, and traveling – whatever brings me closer to nature. I love animals (especially horses) and children (although I have none). My passion lies in music – listening to all genres, writing my own songs, and playing the guitar/piano.

I appreciate stimulating the mind through education, worldly knowledge, and fun facts. I have accomplished many goals since my imprisonment. I continue to polish myself so I can help others see their potential to shine. I have a background in graphic arts, business, and behavioral sciences. I enjoy living life to the fullest, even behind these walls.

I’ve never been married, no children, never voted, or experienced true romance. While I’m very goal-oriented and focused on the future, love is something that must find you. I’m a patient woman. While this environment can be very harsh and lonely, I’m set on finding a friend that can withstand the test of time and distance. I’m in great need for a special light in this place of darkness.

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