Jada McIntyre #1820169 742 FM 712 Marlin, TX 76661

Release: 2020 Age : 27 Birthday: Jun 27, 1988

My name is Jada. I’m a charming Cancer chick with a bubbly, animated personality. I’m 5’0” with a big heart and big hazel eyes to match my personality and smile. I have long, blonde hair and a few dainty tattoos. I am a friend who’s protective and loyal to the bitter end, very outgoing, love to have fun and meet new people. I’m very ambitious with big dreams but also with determination to make them come true. I’m very sweet and loving, but have temperamental moods. My major dislike is dishonesty. I’m laid back and down to earth with a non-judgmental attitude, so you can openly tell me anything. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but my head is never in the sand. I believe you must expose yourself emotionally; it’s the only way to reap love’s greatest rewards.

I believe laughter is essential, perfection is impossible. Unparalleled companionship, sincere generosity and unconditional love grant us the foundation for a lasting relationship. I’m seeking sincere, genuine friendships but my heart and life are open for wherever unknown paths may take me. I hope to find someone I can be myself around without feeling judged. I believe we should make every day count. Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching. Life will always knock us down; it’s how quickly we get up that is a true measure of our character. I’ve learned from my mistakes and want to build a bright new future.

I’m open to the unexpected because odds are that’s where life’s richest pleasures come from which is why I placed my ad. I’m by myself on this journey, I hope you’ll join me so your smiles and encouragement can light those grey, dreary days.

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One comment on “Jada McIntyre #1820169 742 FM 712 Marlin, TX 76661
  1. Richard Griffith says:

    Jada, I’m sorry we lost touch, I have been going through a lot but I was looking through my stuff as I pack it up in preparation for a move and found your envelope. I miss talking to you

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